Oracle 12c: Managing PDBs using Sql Developer

July 8th, 2013 | Posted in 12c, Blog | 2 Comments

In this post, I am going to show you how we can do a lot of operations on Pluggable Databases (PDBs) using Sql Developer tool.

In this article:

-The database named “ORAWISS” is the container root database (CDB) also called target database.
-The database named “ORAWISS12C” is the PLUGGABLE database belongs to “ORAWISS” root container database.
-New PDB called “PDB_CLONED” will be cloned from “ORAWISS12C” PDB using Sql Developer.

1- Create CDB connection:

– Add a CDB connection by clicking on the sign (+) as shown in the following screenshot:

– Specify the CDB connection information:

– Highlight the CDB connection:

– Click on “view” then “DBA”

– Add connection:

– Choose the CDB:

– View CDB information:

– View all PDBs belong to CDB:

2- Clone PDB using sql developer:

– Highlight the PDB to clone:

– Click on Clone Pluggable database:

– Specify the new cloned database “PDB_CLONED” and the file name conversions:

– You can see the current SQL:

– The PDB to be cloned must be closed to perform the cloning:

– CLick on PDB to be cloned ;

– CLose the PDB:

– Open the PDB in read only mode:

– Try again the cloning:

– Specify again the cloned information:

You can query the CDB through RMAN to check all the PDB datafiles, tempfiles:

sandbox1(orawiss):/home/oracle/PDB_CLONED>rman target /

Recovery Manager: Release - Production on Mon Jul 8 06:31:31 2013

Copyright (c) 1982, 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates.  All rights reserved.

connected to target database: ORAWISS (DBID=3257067578)

RMAN> report schema;

using target database control file instead of recovery catalog
Report of database schema for database with db_unique_name ORAWISS

List of Permanent Datafiles
File Size(MB) Tablespace           RB segs Datafile Name
---- -------- -------------------- ------- ------------------------
1    800      SYSTEM               ***     +DATA/ORAWISS/DATAFILE/system.258.819111197
3    1140     SYSAUX               ***     +DATA/ORAWISS/DATAFILE/sysaux.257.819111131
4    230      UNDOTBS1             ***     +DATA/ORAWISS/DATAFILE/undotbs1.260.819111263
5    260      PDB$SEED:SYSTEM      ***     +DATA/ORAWISS/DD7C48AA5A4404A2E04325AAE80A403C/DATAFILE/system.271.819111307
6    5        USERS                ***     +DATA/ORAWISS/DATAFILE/users.259.819111261
7    640      PDB$SEED:SYSAUX      ***     +DATA/ORAWISS/DD7C48AA5A4404A2E04325AAE80A403C/DATAFILE/sysaux.270.819111307
8    270      ORAWISS12C:SYSTEM    ***     +DATA/ORAWISS/E011004AA64F0CF9E0433514DA0A096B/DATAFILE/system.274.819112037
9    690      ORAWISS12C:SYSAUX    ***     +DATA/ORAWISS/E011004AA64F0CF9E0433514DA0A096B/DATAFILE/sysaux.275.819112037
10   52       ORAWISS12C:USERS     ***     +DATA/ORAWISS/E011004AA64F0CF9E0433514DA0A096B/DATAFILE/users.277.819112065
12   100      ORAWISS12C:TBS_TST   ***     +DATA/ORAWISS/E011004AA64F0CF9E0433514DA0A096B/DATAFILE/tbs_tst.290.819120929
13   100      ORAWISS12C:TBS_REC   ***     +DATA/ORAWISS/E011004AA64F0CF9E0433514DA0A096B/DATAFILE/tbs_rec.287.819121381
14   100      ORAWISS12C:TEST_REST_DF ***     +DATA/ORAWISS/E011004AA64F0CF9E0433514DA0A096B/DATAFILE/test_rest_df.289.819610465

List of Temporary Files
File Size(MB) Tablespace           Maxsize(MB) Tempfile Name
---- -------- -------------------- ----------- --------------------
1    88       TEMP                 32767       +DATA/ORAWISS/TEMPFILE/temp.269.819111301
2    87       PDB$SEED:TEMP        32767       +DATA/ORAWISS/DD7C48AA5A4404A2E04325AAE80A403C/DATAFILE/pdbseed_temp01.dbf
3    20       ORAWISS12C:TEMP      32767       +DATA/ORAWISS/E011004AA64F0CF9E0433514DA0A096B/TEMPFILE/temp.276.819112043



In our example we will ;
* convert +DATA/ORAWISS/DD7C48AA5A4404A2E04325AAE80A403C/DATAFILE/ to /home/oracle/PDB_CLONED/DATAFILE
* convert +DATA/ORAWISS/DD7C48AA5A4404A2E04325AAE80A403C/TEMFILE/ to /home/oracle/PDB_CLONED/TEMPFILE

3- Drop PDB:

– Highlight the PDB to be dropped:

– Specify the “INCLUDING” option to drop all the datafiles physically:


2 Comments to “Oracle 12c: Managing PDBs using Sql Developer”

  1. gabriel says:

    what version of sqldeveloper support plugable database?

  2. wissem says:

    SQL Developer 4.0

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