Add Oracle Database 12c to Enterprise Manager 12c

June 26th, 2013 | Posted in 12c, Blog, enterprise manager | 4 Comments

Here are the steps to add Oracle Database 12c target to Enterprise Manager 12c. It is just like other 11g version of the database.

4 Comments to “Add Oracle Database 12c to Enterprise Manager 12c”

  1. Hans Forbrich says:

    This requires the Database Plugin.

    You need to install (or upgrade to) EM 12c (EM12c Cloud Control Release 3) to get that plugin.

    Also, creating a database using DBCA and attempting to register both EM-Express and OEM 12c CC during DBCA create seems to disable EM-Express. Best workaround so far, if you want both EMs, is to create using EM-Express followed by discovering using Cloud Control as you have shown.

  2. wissem says:

    Hi Hans,
    Hmm, I added the database without upgrade to EM
    here is screenshot


  3. wissem says:

    Hi Hans,

    I have added the DB 12c to the OEM Version without issue. After that I have configure EM Express using

    exec DBMS_XDB_CONFIG.SETHTTPSPORT(https_port_number);


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